Food Security & Livelihood:

The first component of the programme is food insecurity and malnutrition is the most serious threats faced by vulnerable people in Pakistan. The overall food insecurity and hunger situation in country can be better judged from the figure that 58 percent of households are food insecure. This is also a fact that nearly half of all children in Pakistan are malnourished. Whereas half of the women specially lactating and pregnant are either under nourished or mal-nourished in some way or the other. With regards to the above mentioned situation of food insecurity and malnutrition, Help In Need has tried to play its part following the objective;

“To reduce food insecurity & malnutrition among vulnerable population (Women, Men &Children) through provision of food and non-food items (General Food Distribution) as well as Food for Work, Food for Training, Cash for Work & Livelihoods Training's”