Poverty Alleviation & Human Development

Poverty Alleviation and Human Development is among one of the core programs of HELP IN NEED. It has two major focused areas.

  1. Education: Under the education component HELP IN NEED has focused both formal and non-formal education, following are the program achievement;

    • Enrolled 90,000 out of school children’s
    • 43,900 children are provided with conducive environment in 290 Public sector school
    • 14,000 Parents oriented on importance of reading skills
    • 3,750 Public Sector Teachers are equipped with training
    • 220 Schools Safety Plan Developed
    • 4,900 Uneducated Rural women graduated through adult literacy program
    • Accelerate Learning Centres established for 50 communities
    • 510 Public Sector schools provided with essential educational supplies
    • 780 School Committees strengthen for enhanced community participation
    • 60 Library Corners setup in Public Sector schools
    • 19,092 Children Oriented on School safety & emergency Preparedness.

  2. Livelihood: HELP IN NEED has adopted sustainable livelihood approaches to strengthen the communities and to reduce their vulnerabilities. Following are program achievements:

    • 8,760 individuals (1718 Male, 1589 Female) on capacity strengthened on Employment Skills
    • 100 PWDs provided with vocational training
    • 450 women headed Families provided with Livestock
    • Tuck shops established for 200 unemployed individuals
    • 200 farmers capacity strengthen on sustainable livelihood through bee keeping
    • 15 families are provided with goats for small livestock based business establishment