Child protection & Orphan Support:

All children have the right to be protected. They have the right to survive, to be safe, to belong, to be heard, to receive adequate care and to grow up in a protective environment. But unfortunately, millions of children are not fully protected. Many of them deal in their everyday life with violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, exclusion and/or discrimination every day. They are included among those that are classified as disadvantaged and poor.  Such violations limit their chances of surviving, growing, developing and pursuing their dreams. Same is the case in emergency situation which often leads to the separation of children from their families and caregivers and are dangerously prone to violence, economic and sexual exploitation, abuse and potential trafficking. The actual number of children experiencing violations is not easy to determine. 

HIN feels that the poorer amongst poor in all segments of the society are the orphan. To care about is our humanitarian as well as religious prime duty. Thus HIN’s Orphan Support Program is a comprehensive approach towards caring such children in the society since 2003. In the adopted methodology, instead of supporting or sending them in orphanages, they are kept in their own dwelling and empowered through education, health and financial support while they remain in custodianship of their mothers or other close kith and kin.

Program purpose: “To support the target children for basics needs in terms of educational supports, health care, carrier counseling and livelihood support”

HIN is determined to bring and keep the beaming smiles on the innocent faces of orphans enabling them to live like a normal kid with the same aspirations as well as opportunities as other children avail. Under the program those children are targeted who are vulnerable, living without parent care, missing the basic facilities especially the primary right of education.