Food Security Nutrition & Livelihood

HIN’s Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihood (FSNL) program aims at uplifting the life of the most vulnerable and the extremely poor families having its objective, “To reduce extreme poverty, vulnerability & food insecurity of vulnerable population especially the youth (women and men) through demand –driven vocational training, literacy and capacity building”. Timely and least procedural financial services are provided to such families so that they can have the opportunity of starting some sustainable livelihood activity. Believing in an old proverb “it is better to teach someone catching a fish instead of just giving him the fish” HIN started a humble effort in 2004 to uplift vulnerable through provision of cost free small loaning (Qard-e-Hasana) as well as livestock grants.

Technical and vocational skills development trainings represent an important investment on human resource which leads to opportunities of income generation for livelihood improvement. Through vocational training, HIN ensures employment opportunities among deprived communities by developing their skills to enable them to earn a livelihood.


  • Food assistance provided to 33678 individuals for disaster affected
  • Employable skills provided to 8760 individuals (7,181 Male & 1,579 Female)
  • 100 Disable Persons completed different Vocational Training Courses to start self-driven small businesses
  • 1,000 individuals completed different Vocational Training Courses under Youth Empowerment & Employment Program (YEEP) in flood affected areas
  • Live Stock (Buffalo and Goats) distributed among 450 Destitute Male and Women-Headed families (widows)
  • Entrepreneurship development initiative launched for 200 Individuals